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Hard Drive Destruction Service in Montreal

Most businesses do not opt for professional services to destroy old hard drives and other forms of hardware, which contain confidential information. However, just degaussing in hard drive destruction is not enough. When recycling electronics simply erasing and reformatting old hard drives leaves you vulnerable. All private information can still be retrieved as long as the hard drives are physically intact and have not been degaussed. For 100% hard drive destruction, degaussing and physical destruction is a must. We can provide your organization with on-site Data Destruction for your hard drives and tapes. The hardware we use has been certified by the Department of Defense and National Security Agency. Our method is a two-step process, first degaussing and then physically destroying them. For any form of hard drive destruction service, feel free to contact us!


They always say to keep magnets away from computers because they will remove and damage data. However, this is the time where we use a magnetic field to remove your data when you want to recycle your hard drives. With our trusty degausser with a magnetic field of 1.5 Tesla, we remove data from:

  • Computer and laptop hard drives
  • Diskettes
  • Reels
  • Cassettes
  • Cartridge tapes

It’s a standard 5-second procedure practiced in the industry for complete hard drive and tape erasures.


With the data safely removed, our certified staff use the DATASTROYER ACD-HS to permanently crush your hard drives. It’s impossible to try to extract information from it after this stage. To give you peace of mind, we offer on-site hard drive deconstruction.

Once the crushing is complete, we provide you with detailed certificates and take the materials away for recycling.

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