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Computer and Laptop Recycling in Montreal

You have used your laptop or computer for a few years and think it’s now time for an upgrade? Most people simply discard their device oblivious to the vulnerability of their personal and business information and harm to the environment it causes. That is where we come in! Electronics have become an integral part of our lives including both business and personal. With time, electronics are becoming lighter, user-friendly and more powerful. We help you recycle your old, electronics so you can buy a new one at ease. Electronics contain recyclable components for newer products. If you fail to recycle, the toxic materials of the products will harm the environment as they have to undergo landfill. Electronic recycling with us will mean reuse or proper dismantling of the product.

A New Home for Your Computer Systems.

We’ve all seen it: the frequent freezing, the lollygagging loading sessions, and the king of all computer problems—the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)!

When your computer is wearing out or your laptop has hit the floor one too many times, trust Afterlife Computers to come to the rescue. Our staff is mindful of damaged equipment, handling your e-waste with care to ensure its recycled properly. We even take obsolete equipment, like those gigantic and windowed computer monitors and other dated machines.

Our dedication to the environment and corporate businesses provides a new purpose for your e-waste and a fresh start for our world.

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